C++ Profiler Tool

The C++ Profiler tool enables the collection and display of execution profile data on C++ software source code bases of arbitrary size. It is a member of SD's family of Profiler tools.

C++ Profiler Features

  • Available for a many C++ dialects: ANSI, GCC3/4, VisualStudio2005, or Microsoft VisualC++ 6.
    Ask about C++11!
  • Provides execution counts on basic blocks, or timing profiles on methods
  • Not dependent on compiler or specific object format
  • Works with arbitrary subsets of source code base
  • Can accumulate data from multiple test runs
  • Handles tens of thousands of files
  • Extremely low probe overhead both in time and space
  • Produces profile report by with summaries for the entire application, and for functions, classes, namespaces, files and subsystems by directory. An XML version of the report can also be produced.
  • Profile data collection can run on platform separate from Profile tool
  • User-customizable probe implementation/coverage data extraction enables operation with unusual embedded systems

The C++ Profiler tool has an intuitively simply display. It shows

  • Possible Profile Data (PFD) result files
  • Selected/accumulated/computed PFD files
  • List of files for which profile data is being collected
  • Locations of probe points in files
  • Browsable source text of file of current interest
  • Execution counts and relative frequency of each probe point on file source text
  • Color- and size- coded (hot is red and wide, cold is blue) overlay of frequency data on source code
  • Summary statistics for each subsystem

C++ Profiler Display screen shot

Here's a full size screenshot (in a popup window) of the C++ Profiler display. If you have popups disabled, try this link: full size screen shot.

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Have a nonstandard dialect of C++ or a custom C++ compiler? Semantic Designs can economically configure a Profiler tool for it.

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