Programming Language Tools

Semantic Designs offers off-the-shelf software development support tools for a wide variety of programming languages. These tools include code formatter/prettyprinter/beautifiers, code obfuscators, hyperlinked cross-references, and testing tools (branch coverage, profiling). For custom tools, SD offers compiler-like language front ends ("domains") to enable the construction of custom compilers, analysis tools, or source transformation tools, based on first-class infrastructure (DMS) for implementing those custom tools.

If your language is not in this list, or if you are interested in a tool that is currently under development, please contact us.

Tools are currently available for the following languages:

Tools are under development for the following languages:

Semantic Designs has a number of languages that are still under development, with parsers/prettyprinters providing basic capability. Tools are being developed as we encounter opportunities:

  • IDL (Corba 2.3)
  • Mathematica
  • MATLAB M-files
  • Motorola M68xx Assembly Language (M6800/M6801/M6805/M6808/M6809/M6811/M6812
  • Pick "Multivalue" Data Basic (Universe dialect)
  • Rational Rose UML (.MDL files)
  • Ruby
  • RPG
  • Swift
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Programming Language Development Tools