Mobile Phone Software Quality Measurement

Mobile platform apps are among the fastest growing types of software. These tend to be very public and customer facing applications. Poor quality truly reflects on the offering organization and in the competitive marketplace.

Semantic Designs offers tools to help measure and validate software quality for a variety of embedded systems. The focus on embedded systems makes these tools ideal for testing cell phone applications on a variety of platforms. Tools offered include:

Test Coverage: "It's a great tool for J2ME/Blackberry testing." - PSL Inc.

Semantic Designs Test Coverage tools are being used help test applications in:

  • C# software for Windows Mobile
  • Java, C, and C++ based applications on Android
  • Java applications on the Blackberry SmartPhone
(Inquire about test coverage in ObjectiveC for iPhones.)

SD's Test Coverage tools work by instrumenting applications with low overhead probes that record coverage data from user-defined unit, integration or system tests. The test coverage data is collected in the mobile phone as the application runs; it is then exported for analysis. Coverage information can then be displayed with a summary report or by browsing the the code directly with covered code colored green and untested code red.

More details on test coverage tools.

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SmartPhone Software Quality